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You provide the expertise, and STG Fire Safety Training brings it to life. Together, we embark on a collaborative journey, working hand in hand to create impactful learning experiences.

Collaborate, Expand, Thrive

Inspire and be inspired within a vibrant community. Join forces with countless other creatives passionate about fire safety and rescue, expand their knowledge and skills.

Your creativity is golden

Harness your passion. Create a course for thousands of people around the world and generate an income stream with your creative knowledge.

How to become an Instructor ?

To become an online course instructor with FireRescue, a premier fire and rescue training provider in Australia, embark on a fulfilling journey to share your knowledge and make a global impact. Start by understanding FireRescue’s mission, emphasizing practical, high-quality fire safety and rescue training aimed at empowering individuals for excellence in this vital field. Familiarize yourself with our ethos and offerings by exploring our main website, www.firerescue.com.au, and our course platform, https://courses.firerescue.com.au/. This foundational step ensures you align with our goals, ready to contribute to our mission of saving lives through education.

Ready to teach a course?

STG Fire Safety Training offers a unique platform for creatives passionate about teaching and sharing their expertise in fire safety and rescue operations. With millions eager to learn, your knowledge can significantly impact lives and safety protocols. Here are basic steps to producing engaging online content:

  • Plan Your Content: Outline your lessons, focusing on key objectives and learner outcomes.
  • Create Engaging Videos: Use clear visuals and concise explanations to demonstrate concepts.
  • Develop Interactive Quizzes: Test comprehension and reinforce learning through interactive quizzes.
  • Gather Feedback: Use learner feedback to refine and improve your content continuously.

Join STG Fire Safety Training to share your creative insights and educate on essential safety skills.

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