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Introduction to Fire Investigation Understanding Fire Science The Scene of the Fire Evidence Identification /Preservation Documentation and Recording Cause and Origin Determination Working with Investigation Teams Case Studies and Practical...
  • 12 Lessons
What you’ll learn Intro to Conflict Management Foundations of Conflict Resolution Key Skills for Managing Conflict Conflict Management Strategies Building a Supportive Environment Special Topics in Conflict Welcome to our...
  • 9 Lessons
This in-depth course on managing fatigue in the workplace is designed to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of fatigue, its causes, symptoms, and its profound impact on both individual...
  • 7 Lessons
What you’ll learn Introduction to Managing Bomb Threats in the Workplace Identifying and Assessing Threats Communication Protocols During a Bomb Threat Evacuation Procedures and Safety Protocols Post-Threat Procedures and Building...
  • 10 Lessons
Flashover and backdraft differ in ignition, development, and firefighting tactics.
  • 9 Lessons
What you’ll learn Fundamentals of bushfire behavior and dynamics. Understanding and conducting Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Navigating building and planning regulations specific to bushfire. Identifying bushfire hazards on properties. Strategies...
  • 12 Lessons

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Fire safety training with quizzes, covering prevention, response, legal requirements, and evacuation procedures for workplace safety.

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